ARLET 214: The Irish in America
Drew University
Summer 2003

Dr. William Rogers
work: (973)408-3283


Bing Crosby


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Course requirements: Course requirements: Class participation, 20%; Book review (2-3 pages) and class presentation, 30%; Final paper, (10-15 pages), 50%. Book(s) review will be an analysis of a work or works--fiction, biography, or historical--concerning a topic relating the course topic, which is then presented to the class. The final paper should explore in depth this topic or another, preferably covered (or at least touched upon) in class, although it may approach it through the use of readings not used in class.

Buffalo Bill Cody


Books (in order to be read):
Recommended--The Course of Irish History, T.W. Moody/F.X. Martin
The Great Famine, Arthur Gribben
Erin’s Daughters, Hasia Diner
The Irish Stories of Sarah Orne Jewett, Sara Orne Jewett
How the Irish Became White, Noel Ignatiev
Textures of Irish America, Lawrence McCaffrey
The Edge of Sadness, Edwin O’Connor
The New Irish Americans, Ray O’Hanlon
Additional Readings to be distributed in class.

F. Scott Fitzgerald


Schedule of Classes:

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June 16 / June 18 / June 25 / June 30 /

July 2 / July 7 / July 9/ July 14 / July 16 / July 21 / July 23 / July 28


June 16: Introduction and some questions: “How did the Irish save Civilization and How did they get to the United States?” or “How does a nation of five million have 200 million relatives around the world, and why should it matter to us?” (Read Moody and Martin for background)

June 18: The Early Irish, the Revolution and the Whore of Babylon; begin Gribben

June 23: The Great Hunger—The Bloody Brits and Everlasting Hatred, Gribben;

June 25: The Great Hunger continued; and the Irish take root: “We are Americans Now”, begin Diner

George Cohan

June 30:

July 2: The Civil War, the Fenians, The Catholic Church (i.e., Irish Catholic!) in America and an Irish Mayor in Boston!, Diner.

July 7: Irish Women in the 19th Century, Diner

July 9: The Irish in Literature, Jewett. Presentations Begin.

John F. Kennedy

July 14: The Irish Become White, Ignatiev

July 16: The Irish Become Respectable, O’Connor and McCaffrey

July 21: What does being Irish-American really mean? McCaffrey


Interior of an Irish Dwelling in New York in the 1850s from The New York Illustrated News

July 23: The New Irish in America, O’Hanlon

July 28: Conclusion, Final Paper Due.

Mother Jones

Links of Interest:

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Irish American Publications/Irish American Research Resources/The Great Hunger/

Irish Immigration/AncientIreland/Irish Civil War/Fenians/Irish in the American Civil War/Hugh O'Brien/

Sarah Orne Jewett/The Catholic Church in America/Irish Mobility in America/The Celtic Tiger


Irish American Publications

The Irish Echo

The Irish Voice

Boston Irish Reporter

PBS The Irish in America

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Daniels & O'Keefe publications on Irish America

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Paper on Irish American Fertility in 1910

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Yellow pages for Irish America and Ireland

A Profile of Americans of Irish Descent

The Wild Geese Today - Erin's Farflung Exiles

US Ireland Alliance

Info and links page on Irish Americans

Proposal for Irish American Heritage Museum

AILF Salutes Irish Americans

Irish Americans: Dates, facts, etc.

Irish American Heritage Month 2003

Animated map showing Irish immigration to America

White House 2000: The Irish Vote

American Irish Historical Society

Links page with many interesting possibilities

Henry Ford

The Great Hunger

Quinnipiac University's Great Hunger Room

Links page for the Famine

The Great Hunger Foundation

Interpreting the Irish Famine

Yahoo Directory The Great Famine

Local Ireland/History/Famine

Irish Potato Famine Links Page

Views of the Famine

Coverage of the Irish Famine in the Times, 1846-1851

Derek Jeter

Irish Immigration

Irish Immigrants

Irish Immigrants in America in the 19th Century

Irish Immigrants: New York Port Arrival Records, 1846-1851

Irish Immigration

Irish Immigrants in 19th Century Boston

Colonial Scots-Irish Immigrants

Irish Immigrants and Freed African Slaves

The Search for Irish Immigrants Through the Boston Pilot, 1847 and 1848

The Irish in the Hudson Valley

Sandra Day O'Connor

Ancient Ireland

In Search of Ancient Ireland

The Island of Saints and Scholars

The Archaeology of Ancient Ireland

Ancient Ireland

Ancient Ireland - again (different site)

The Doyles of Ancient Ireland

The Geology of Ancient Ireland

A site with oodles of articles about life in ancient Ireland

Prehistoric music Ireland

Ancient Irish History in Maps

The Divine Races of Ancient Ireland

James Dolan (CEO of Cablevision)

Irish Civil War/Fenians

1921 - 1925: The Irish Civil War and Stabilisation of Northern Ireland

The Irish Civil War and Before - A Peer Critique

BBC News Irish Free State and Civil War

Why There Was a Civil War in Ireland

North Kerry in the Irish Civil War

Liberation of Ireland

Constitution of the Irish Free State

1925 - 1932: Building the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland Economies

The Anglo-Irish Treaty, 6 December 1921

First Stamps of the Irish Free State

The Fenians place in Irish History

The Fenians aka the Fenian Brotherhood\

Fremantle Prison

BBC History - The Fenians up to 1870

1916 Easter Uprising

Heroes of 1916

Easter 1916 Postcards

William Clinton

Irish in the American Civil War

The Irish Volunteers

Civil War Irish - Online Resources for Research

Honourable Society of the Irish Brigade

Irish Brigade History

Ambiguous Loyalties: the Boston Irish, Slavery and the Civil War

Daniel Boone

Hugh O'Brien

Hugh O'Brien, 1st Irish Mayor of Boston

Photo of the Mayor

John Wayne

Sarah Orne Jewett

Domestic Goddess

Jewett Bibliography

Jewett etexts

Judy Garland

The Catholic Church in America

Catholic Pages Directory - Church History - America

The History of Catholic America

American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives

Catholicism in America

Shawn Fanning (Creator of Napster)

Irish mobility in America

Irish American Solidarity

Material Evidence of Irish-Immigrant/Irish-American Acculturation:

The Irish in New York

A New Nationalism on the Rise

The Mystique of Being Irish in New York

Irish in Boston

Boston Irish Network

Boston Irish Networking Society

William Randolph Hearst

The Celtic Tiger

The Celtic Tiger ...

Mauling for the Celtic Tiger

Roar of the Celtic Tiger is silenced

CBS News - The Celtic Tiger

Lessons from a Celtic Tiger Irish Prime Minister delivers address at World Bank

Letter from Ireland - The Celtic Tiger

The Celtic Tiger and the Wild Geese

Ireland: Social tensions deepen as the "Celtic Tiger" staggers

Colonisation and the Celtic Tiger


The First Night in America