Carl E. Savage

Drew University

36 Madison Ave

Madison, NJ 07940




Education History:

Ph.D.  with distinction, Drew University (2007)

Origins of Christianity concentration; Biblical Archaeology; Judaism and Early Christianity in Late Antiquity

Comprehensive exams:
History of Early Christianity; New Testament Writings; 2 Corinthians; Religions in the Hellenistic World

Dissertation: Et-Tell (Bethsaida): A Study of the First Century in the Galilee.  Discusses the impact of the archaeological evidence of the Bethsaida excavations project in light of the ongoing debate about the reconstructed world of the origins of Christianity and Judaism.

Languages: Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Coptic, German, French


M.Phil.  Drew University, 2001

D.Min.   Wesley Theological Seminary, 1983, area of Biblical Interpretation

Dissertation: A Short History of Biblical Interpretation

M.Div. cum laude, Wesley Theological Seminary, 1978.

Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic language qualification; emphasis on Biblical studies;
Biblical Archaeology

A.B.    cum laude, Princeton University, 1975. Sociology with cognate in Religion.
sociology of religion; biblical studies and theology; Greek

Honors and Awards:

United Methodist Seminary Award
Baltimore Conference Church History Award
Drew University Graduate Merit Scholarship
Priscilla Patten Benham Dissertation Research Prize*
Edward D. Zinbarg Prize**

The Rabbi Dr. Sheldon J. Weltman Prize for Excellence in Biblical Studies#

Teaching Competence:

New Testament, Early Church History, Judaism of Late Antiquity, History of Biblical Interpretation, Biblical Archaeology, Hebrew Bible

Teaching, Research and Related Experience:

Director, Doctor of Ministry Program, The Theological School, Drew University, Oct 2008-present

Associate Professor in the Practice of Professional Leadership and Biblical Studies 2013-present


Assistant Excavations Director and Area Supervisor, Bethsaida Excavations Project, 1997-present

Visiting Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Bacone College, Sept 2008 to Jul 2014

           Chair of the Christian Ministries Program; Courses taught: Old Testament Literature; New Testament Literature; Studies of the Gospels

Assistant Professor of Professional Leadership and Ministry, The Theological School, Drew University 2010-13

           Courses focus on learning and appreciating the local context of ministry using narrative research

ADME Association for Doctor of Ministry Education,  Executive Steering Committee 2004-2007, 2008-2012, VP 2009, President 2010-2012

Interim Director, Doctor of Ministry Program, The Theological School, Drew University, Jan 2008-Sept 2008

Associate Director, Doctor of Ministry Program, The Theological School, Drew University, 2000-2008 (Responsibility included the Global Online D.Min. concentration and oversight of the project thesis unit.)

Adjunct Instructor, Seton Hall University, 2003-2010

Courses taught:

Archaeology and the Liberal Arts

Archaeology and the Bible

Art and Archaeology

Introduction to the Bible


Adjunct Instructor, The University of Hartford, Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies Spring 2002-2010

Courses taught: Introduction to Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Archaeology, and Archaeology Field Work


Adjunct Instructor, The Theological School, Drew University, 1997-2010

Courses taught:

The Next Church: Ministry in the New World (online); Technology, Eschatology and Ministry (online); Congregational Studies Methodology; Project Thesis Seminar; Technology, Eschatology, and Ministry (online); United Methodist History; United Methodist Doctrine and Policy (online); lecture in Studies in Spirituality: The Alexandrian Vision: Clement and Origen; lecture: “Roman Urbanization: An Ancient/Future Paradigm”

Adjunct Instructor, The Caspersen School, Drew University, 2004

Course offered: Biblical Bethsaida

Instructor, Ferrum College 1987-1992

Courses taught: Introduction to the Bible, Introduction to the New Testament; Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures

Instructor, Eastern Shore Community College, 1983-1986

Courses taught in addition to the above: Early Church History.

Pastoral Experience 1976-1997

 Congregations in the Virginia Annual Conference of the UMC


Professional Societies

           Society of Biblical Literature

           American Institute of Archaeology

           American School of Oriental Research

           Registered Professional Archaeologist

Association of Doctor of Ministry Education


Research Publications:



“Sacred Precinct at the Gate” in Bethsaida in Archaeology, History and Ancient Culture, J. Harold Ellens, (ed.), (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014)

“Political Propaganda in Gold” in Macht des GeldesMacht der Bilder, Abhandlungen des Deutschen Palästina-Vereins, Anne Lykke (ed.), ADPV 42 (Harrassowitz; Wiesbaden 2013).

Biblical Bethsaida: An Archaeological Study of the First Century CE, Lexington Books, 2011.

Narrative Research in Ministry Wayne A. Oates, Institute, 2008

"Supporting Evidence for a First-Century Bethsaida "in Religion, Ethnicity and Identity in Ancient Galilee: A Region in Transition. Ed. by Jürgen Zangenberg, Harold W. Attridge and Dale B. Martin 2006. (Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament)

co-editor: Equipping the Saints, Abingdon, 2000

What Does the Bible Mean? Discipleship Resources, 1985

Selected Articles:

“A Rare Aureus of Antoninus Pius at Bethsaida,” Israel Numismatic Research Volume 6, 2011

“The Leshem Inscription" in Bethsaida, A City by the North Shore of the Sea of Galilee, Volume IV, Dr. Rami Arav and Dr. Richard A. Freund, editors, Thomas Jefferson University Press, 2009.

"Learning from the Faith Community”, Journal of Christian Ministry, No. 1, 2009.

Jol, H.M., Bode, J.A., Freund, R.A., Darawsha, M., Bauman, P.D., Nahas, C., Reeder, P., and Savage, C., 2006. “Nazareth excavations project: a GPR perspective.” Proceedings of the Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP), 19th Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington, April 2-6, Papers on CD-ROM, p. 1407 – 1413.

Treague, J.J., Jol, H.M., Fisher, T.G., Freund, R.A., Reeder, P., Savage, C., and Bauman, P.D., 2005. “Three-dimensional, subsurface GPR visualization for an archaeological site (Qumran, Israel) and a geomorphic site (Michigan).” Geological Society of America, 39th Annual Meeting of the North-Central Section, Minneapolis, MN, May 19-20, Abstracts with Programs, 37(5): 15

"Refuge in the Cave of Letters: A Report from the John P. and Carol Merrill Expedition to the Cave of the Letters" in The Biblical Archaeology Society Lecture Series Volume I: Just Dug Up: The Latest Finds from Biblical Israel and the Deep BAS, 2005 ISBN 1-880317-77-X

Jol, H.M., Bauman, P.D., Darawsha, M., Freund, R.A., Reeder, P. and Savage, C., 2004. "Where Jesus played and bathed? Preliminary results from geophysical surveys at the Cactus Coffee House, Mary's Well Plaza, Nazareth, Israel." 5th Recent Work in Archaeological Geophysics Conference , Environmental and Industrial Geophysics Group, Geological Society, Burlington House, London, UK, December 15-16, Lecture Abstracts, p. 13-14.

Philip Reeder, Harry Jol, Richard Freund, Carl Savage "Geoarchaeology of the Qumran Archaeological Site, Israel" Focus on Geography, Vol. 48 No. 1, Summer 2004

"Sepphoris" The Virtual World Project. Creighton University (, 2004

"Niedergebrannt--Die Funde aus Kamera 4 des eisenzeitlichen Stadttores von Betsaida," Leben am See Genesaret, Phillip Von Zabern, 2003

Passow, R.H., Jol, H.M., Freund, R.A., Savage, C.E., and Reeder, P., 2003. "Ground penetrating radar and global positioning system: archaeological aids at Qumran, Israel." Association of American Geographers, 99th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 4-8, Abstracts on CD-ROM

“Marking Millennial Moments”, Encyclopedia of Millennialism, Routledge, 2000

"Online Learning for the Global Christian", Circuit Rider, May/June 2000

Appendix 2 in Leonard Sweet, SoulTsunami, Zondervan, 1999.

"Triangulation of Apocalyptic Markers" Proceedings of the Third Annual International Conference of the Center for Millennial Studies Boston, MA December 6-8, 1998


Forthcoming Articles:

"A First Century Occupation in the Cave of Letters? Results from the B/C Passage” in Texts of the Desert of Judah: Cave of Letters, Brill, forthcoming  

“The Limestone Vessels from the Cave of Letters” in Texts of the Desert of Judah: Cave of Letters, Brill, forthcoming  

"The Limestone Vessels" in Bethsaida, A City by the North Shore of the Sea of Galilee, Volume V, Dr. Rami Arav and Dr. Richard A. Freund, editors, Thomas Jefferson University Press, forthcoming.


Papers Presented:

 “The Source of All Light: A Study of the Herodian Oil Lamps at Bethsaida (et-Tell) ” ASOR National Meeting, Baltimore, MD November 2013

 “Assemblage at the Gate: Sacred Domestic Ritual?” ASOR National Meeting, San Francisco, CA November 2011

“Assemblage at the Gate: Marking the Sacred and Domestic Ritual” SBL Conference, San Francisco, CA November 2011

“The disappearance of the New Testament city of Bethsaida” University of Hartford Symposium, Nov 2010

“Bethsaida: The Context for Jesus’ Ministry from the Archaeological Perspective of a Corner of the ‘Evangelical Triangle’” ASOR National Meeting, Atlanta, GA November 2010

“Qumran Tomb 1000” Batchelder Biblical Archaeology Conference, University of Nebraska at Omaha 2010

 “Southern Lights: Oil Lamp Transition at Bethsaida and Its Galilee/Jerusalem Connotations” SBL Conference, New Orleans, LA 2009

“How Many Light Bulbs does it take to Change a Culture? Oil Lamp Transition Between Hellenistic and Jewish Bethsaida” ASOR National Meeting, Boston, MA, November 2008.

“Sacred Space at the Gate: The High Places at the Gate of Et-Tell/Bethsaida” SBL, San Diego, November 2007

“Galilee in the First Century” Batchelder Biblical Archaeology Conference, University of Nebraska at Omaha Nov 2007

"Jewish Bethsaida" International SBL Conference, Edinburgh, July 2006

"Revisiting the Temple of Bethsaida" SBL, Philadelphia, November 2005

"Signs of Ethnicity in the Land of Israel Archaeology" The Land and the People Conference. Ginosar, Israel July 2005

"Three-Dimensional Subsurface GPR Visualization For An Archaeological Site ( Qumran , Israel ) And A Geomorphic Site ( Michigan )" Jeremy J. Treague, Harry M. Jol; Timothy G. Fisher; Richard A. Freund; Philip Reeder; Carl Savage; Paul D. Bauman. North-Central Geological Society of America, Minneapolis, May 2005

"Refuge in the Cave of Letters", BAS, San Antonio, November 2004

"Supporting Evidence for First Century Bethsaida" SBL, ASOR, San Antonio, November 2004

"First Century Bethsaida", Batchelder Biblical Archaeology Conference, University of Nebraska at Omaha, October, 2004

"Evidence for First Century Bethsaida", International SBL Conference, Groningen, July 2004

"From Outpost to Polis: A history of NT Bethsaida", Batchelder Biblical Archaeology Conference, University of Nebraska at Omaha, October, 2003

“First Century Bethsaida: Religious Markers and their Meanings” International SBL Conference, Cambridge, July 2003

"New Developments in the Qumran Cemetery" ASOR National Meeting, Toronto, November 2002

"Qumran, The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible" Hartford Bible Conference, University of Hartford, September 18, 2002

“Analysis of the Pottery of the Cave of Letters” ASOR National Meeting, Boulder, CO, November 2001.

“Limestone Vessels as Religious Markers at Bethsaida” International SBL Conference, Rome 2001

“The Limestone vessels of Bethsaida,” Biblical Archaeology Conference, University of Nebraska at Omaha, November, 2000.

“Chamber 4: A Slide of Destruction” Bethsaida Millennial Conference, Ginosar, Israel, June, 2000

"The Bethsaida Graffito at the City Gate" National SBL Meeting, Boston, MA, November 1999

"The Bethsaida Graffito," Mid-Atlantic Regional SBL, Alexandria, VA, February 1999

"Millennial Marker Methodology", International Conference on Millennial Studies, Boston, MA, December 1998

"Is the Method the Message? A Comparison of the Interpretations of Song of Songs by Origen and Bernard of Clairvaux" National SBL Meeting, Orlando, FL November, 1998

Book Review:

Woman at the Window: Biblical Tales of Oppression and Escape Hebrew Studies 41(2000)

Other Media:

Kirk Wolfinger, Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land (Gary Hochman; NOVA; Nebraska Educational Telecommunications for WGBH/Boston, 2004). Appeared in and consulted on the script.


*Priscilla Patten Benham Prize in Biblical Studies. Established in 2001 by Leary Anna Murphy in memory of Priscilla Patten Benham (G'76). To be awarded to a Ph.D. candidate for expenses associated with dissertation research in Biblical Studies.

**Edward D. Zinbarg Prize. Established in 1999 by Barbara Zinbarg to honor her husband upon the completion of his Doctor of Letters degree at Drew. Awarded annually to a student in any of the University's schools who has creatively linked Jewish studies and the study of other religious traditions.

#Rabbi Dr. Sheldon J. Weltman Prize for Excellence in Biblical Studies: Endowed in 1992 by the estate of Rabbi Weltman (G'80, '90). Awarded for the best thesis or dissertation in biblical studies.