Vicus Martis
Welcome to my Drew homepage! It's perpetually out of date, and I've stopped promising to fix that.
There are many of these sites, but here's a (very) short list to get you started:
Once again there are a lot of sites out there, but here's another starter list:
Current Projects
Currently in the works:
  • Latest site reports for the Vicus ad Martis
  • Computer-aided connoisseurship (“Bitsly”)
  • See the next section
Paedagogical Computing
I am currently involved in three projects developing computer-use in our departmental courses:
  1. Image Database
  2. Michigan-Latin Vocabulary Project
  3. QuickTime animations
    1. Latin animations, a Summer 1999 Drew CINC project on word order in Latin
    2. Greek colonies in the west
General Computing
  • Latest causes
    • "Protocols not platforms"
      This is a long-running stance of mine on standardization. It needs a good homepage, but for now check out this page:
    • RDF of my foaf entry.
  • Drew Choral Union & the Drew Camerata
  • Workouts
  • Slowly renovating the house